Friday, October 8, 2010


FINALLY! I have been trying to get to 50 lbs for the last week. I hit 49, and then nothing. I was peeved. Really? 49? I can't have that ONE more pound? Of course not. This week, I was on a mission. Come Hell or high water, I was losing that extra pound. And, so I did. =)

Yesterday, I actually pushed myself harder than I've pushed in a long time. I made myself do 3 extra miles on the elliptical, and as a result, burned more calories than I had consumed for the day. I was burning into the previous day's caloric intake. Hmm... probably not the wisest decision. But, I ate a large healthy dinner when I left the gym.

So, today I sit at a 52 pound weight loss. I'm not finished yet, but I think I just topped the first mountain... and the view from here is incredible.