Thursday, October 21, 2010


There's a lot of discussion about motivation. This is what I hear most often from people: "I just don't have any motivation." Really? There's not one single thing that you can think of to motivate you? NOTHING?

I sat down trying to figure out the key to MY motivation? Is it my daughter? My husband? My health? My vanity? What actually made me start this journey? Then I remembered this: My daughter's 4th birthday pictures. When I saw them, I wanted to cry. What happened to me? At what point did I just give up? I'm not sure, but I knew one thing had to change, and that was ME.

So, after a lot of tears, I got moving. The pictures below are a couple of weeks old, so I've lost even more. But, I am SO very proud of myself. For me, getting started was hard. Once you start, though, you become a freight train. You SEE the progress. You FEEL the progress. And, you don't want to stop. My husband (the photographer) is a lot taller than me, so these aren't the best pics to show how much I've lost. Hopefully, you can see the difference from the first picture. I know I feel 50+ pounds lighter! I often joke about my obsession with weight loss and exercise. I just love it! For me, seeing and feeling the changes in body are the motivation that keep me going. Is it easy? Of course not! But, the pros definitely exceed the cons. I think that everyone has it in them. They just truly have to WANT it, and make it a priority. If it isn't a priority, you'll never reach your desired goal. Don't let lack of motivation be your excuse or your way of life.