Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Originally posted 5/9/2010

Let me start by telling all of you wonderful mothers, Happy Mothers Day! Being a mother is the most rewarding, trying, beautiful "job" you'll ever have. I love my role as a mother, even when I think I'll pull my hair out.Now, Day 4!!Today has been fantastic. I spent the day with family and friends. I received some beautiful cards from my wonderful husband and beautiful, precious daughter. They made me cry! I also went out to eat. I LOVE Mexican food. I've often said that if I believed in past lives, I was definitely Hispanic in one of them. So, we went to a local Mexican restaurant. It was hard to make a healthy choice, but I chose the chicken fajitas and didn't eat the tortillas, sour cream, or rice. I ate the chicken, and a few of the grilled veggies that weren't floating in oil. (YUCK!) I also ate the refried beans, and moved the cheese aside. That was hard. I have 2 big weaknesses: Cheese and pasta. *Sigh* I even resisted the queso.I decided to not walk today. I wanted to spend the evening with my family and friends, and know that I'll go back tomorrow. I did, however, stick to my calories and exercised at home with my dumbbell and did some aerobics. So, I still got a work out in. I had a 4 year old work out partner that was almost hit in the head with a dumbbell and almost kicked ME in the face. Oh well, at least I spent 30 min on the floor instead of 30 minutes on the couch. =)Can't wait for tomorrow!